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Candle Care 101

Hello and welcome to owning a Lover Bear candle! We are so happy to have your support and we want to do everything we can to ensure you LOVE your candle as much as we do. That means taking care of and maintaining it so it burns it's best life. Some candles require more care than others, the type of wick and size of the candle all play a factor.

Let's start with what our candles are made of. We use mostly a coconut blend wax and add 100% pure soy mixed in house. This gives the best of both worlds, coconut wax burns clean and has great scent throw while soy wax helps keep the candle lasting longer. 

We also use two different types of wicks, cotton and wood wicks. Our cotton wicks are fairly easy to maintain and can be trimmed with scissors or by pinching off the excess between your fingers. Our wooden wicks are more unique but do require more maintenance. We suggest trimming the wood wick before each time you light your candle. You can do this by using scissors, nail clippers, cuticle cutters or an actual wick trimmer. 

If you notice your wooden wick candle has a flame too large you can control this by trimming your wick even shorter. Keep trimming until you get the desired flame height. We use wooden wicks with our larger vessels to achieve a full melt pool. 

We also have directions on the bottom of every candle with a warning label. Please read this carefully. We are also available for ALL questions through email at or you can reach us through our social media accounts @loverbearcandleco on instagram or Facebook.