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Spring is COMING

Here in Southeast Alaska we can tell Spring is coming because the days start getting longer. Rather than have the sun set at 3:00 PM after the Holidays are over it quickly starts staying light until 4 and 5 PM. This is such a boost in morale since after a long, dark winter your body starts craving the sun and warmer weather. We are getting ready for Spring by launching some brand new scents and  re-releasing some tried and true favorites. 

Our first two releases were right before Valentine's Day and are dreamy and romantic scents. Rainbow Falls is floral, fruity and woodsy with the right amount of each creating a truly epic scent experience. The next release was GillNetflix and Chill which is our fun take on sugary sweetness, cotton candy and raspberry. This is a perfect fun spring scent that can really lift your mood just from one sniff.

After Valentine's Day we started working on our new Spring Collection and are so excited for a bunch of new fragrances. We've got Matanuska Valley up on the site now and I cannot tell you how good it is! It's a wood heavy blend of coconut, sandalwood, cedar and oak. The perfect Alaskan candle. It reminds me of being in the forest in summer with the sun warm on your shoulders and the only thing around is the millions of trees in the Tongass.

We love being inspired by the beauty around us. That's why we always try and take as many of our product photos outside. We want to be able to show how amazing Alaska really is. If you've read this far and are curious to find out what any of these new scents smell like, send us a message through email or social media saying you'd like a sample!


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