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Happy New Years!

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021, we are so happy you're here. We know how awful 2020 was for most of you and it's been a crazy year for us too. But, 2020 did actually bring us some super exciting, positive events. Lover Bear Candle Co. was founded in 2019 after Cody and I got married, we had made about 150 small candles as party favors for all our wedding guests and once that was over we didn't want to stop making candles! We created our website in May 2020 and have been going strong ever since. We recently mailed out our 200th order.

Like I said before we had quite a few positive milestones in our year. Together, after a lot of years of hard work, Cody and I decided to buy our very first home! We are still so excited about it and feel like it's a dream being homeowners. Another positive thing was the growing of our business. We've got our website running strong and in 2020 we stepped up our wholesale presence and are now sold in 9 stores throughout Alaska. From Celebration Station in Ketchikan to Strictly Local Gallery in Craig, to Groundwell in Wrangell, and Soothe in Kenai, to the Great Alaska Bowl Company in Fairbanks and Chickadees Gift boutique in Wasilla, and lastly one of our favorite stores the Cellar in Sitka! All of these stores carry a variety of our scents from our collection or totally custom scents only found in one store.

We also added in our new home, a totally new candle studio! We redesigned the current layout and with the garage have a ton of workable space for storage and candle making. Also my favorite Christmas present was an 80 gallon industrial wax melter that is now in use. We've got ourselves set up to make 2021 amazing. How have you persevered through 2020, what goals did you meet? And what have you done so far to set yourself up for success in 2021? 

Thanks for supporting our small business!

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