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Happy New Year 2023

I seem to always have intentions of writing a post for the New Year but don't always have time to follow through. But, this year I am happy to share all the wonderful things that our business has accomplished and our family has experienced. We added new products like scented reed diffusers and body lotion, we traveled to Texas, and we found out that we're adding a new family member in May.

Lover Bear has continued to grow each year since our beginnings in 2020. This year brought about a new partnership with online wholesaler Faire, which has allowed us to share our Alaskan products beyond our state. Our candles are now sold in almost 20 stores throughout Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Montana. We are so excited to expand our offerings this coming year, we're hoping to add more bath and body to our website. 

Our family is always super busy and this year, as things finally seemed to be back to normal, we were extra 'on the go'. We spent our winter and spring in the Alaskan snow, as we had an abnormal amount in 2022. We spent our Summer making sweet, fruity and floral scents and enjoying the land of the midnight sun. In the fall, we went to a family reunion in Texas and saw about 30 extended family members which was amazing. And then this winter, we found out a new baby will be joining our Lover Bear fam.

So while this short synopsis of three paragraphs doesn't sound like we did much in 2022, but I feel like we had an awesome year. I am, as always, so super grateful for being able to run this business full time and stay home with my kids. We wouldn't have it any other way if we could but as inflation continues to rise, the cost of goods and shipping keep going up, and the large brand name companies try to kill small businesses, we may not be around forever. But while I can, I plan on making candles and all things that smell good, as long as we have enough business to keep running, we will :-)

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